It rained all weekend and was a little cold despite the fact that Summer is only a week and a half away.

The rain doesn’t stop much at the farm, there’s still lots of things to do.

Feeding the animals is something many of the dogs enjoy the task of. Atlas and Zeus like to ride in the Ranger and so do the puppies but they’re also learning how to run with the big dogs behind and alongside it. An important lesson to learn living at the farm.

Freddo really got the hang of swimming. Squeaky toys and the thought of children in the deep end really motivated him. Turns out, he likes to pull the kids into safety. What a remarkable dog!

The puppies are adorable and sweet but also cheeky and doing everything that puppies do. The evening part of the video when everyone is dry and coming in for the night is the calm before the puppy storm! They’ve spent their little lives in the whelping room with mum but now it’s time to be house trained! Poop and wees everywhere!! 🤣🤣

Our house is fast becoming chaotic, but we love it so much! Oh and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas too … our family are very very excited about it!

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