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recently launched a hunt after a few animal attacks created fear in citizens.

Wild boars are a regular sight in and have been known to roam trails, board transportation, and grab free food from local residents.

Recently, one went too far and gave a police officer a nip in the leg.

The officers launched the boar hunt Wednesday night, which resulted in 7 boars being caught and euthanized.

Although this is a more humane way of discarding the boars than them, it is much different from their past policy, which included neutering the boars and releasing them to remote areas.

Residents have long delighted in the company of these funny companions, feeding them and offering them space to roam. This has resulted in many friendly boars that have become a part of the community.

But boar interactions with humans have been on the rise, leading to negative encounters as they are still wild animals.

Living in a city rather than their natural environment is no doubt, also stressful for these creatures. Yet, the boars have to pay the price of human’s lack of respect for ecosystems and the natural world.

This is the perfect example of the problem with humans encroaching on animal habitats. Not only is it dangerous and unnatural for the animals, but it is also unsafe for the humans who live there.

This article by Abigail Jane was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 22 November 2021. Lead Image Source : Ed van duijn/Unsplash.

What you can do

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Fighting for Wildlife supports approved wildlife conservation organizations, which spend at least 80 percent of the money they raise on actual fieldwork, rather than administration and fundraising. When making a donation you can designate for which type of initiative it should be used – wildlife, oceans, forests or climate.


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